The Florida Lottery packaged “The Perfect Holiday Mix” for lottery players in 2020.

The $10 holiday ticket is expected to be the big hit. “We’ve had unprecedented growth at the $10 price point in the past 18 months since introducing the record-breaking Blowout game,” explained Shelly Gerteisen, Director of Product, Florida Lottery. “So we knew introducing a limited-edition HOLIDAY CASH BLOWOUT game would undoubtedly be the top performer this season. Our holiday games launched October 26, and in its first week $10 holiday game sales were up 169% from 2019 and 207% over 2018. It was the #2 highest-selling instant game in Florida last week, and we anticipate even more to come after advertising begins and we get further into the holiday season.”

The lottery is also seeing “chain excitement” around the launch of the $2 National Lampoon Christmas Vacation™ ticket in Florida. They’ve requested standalone signage to promote the ticket, which resulted in new placement areas for lottery POS.

“The Florida Lottery’s holiday ticket assortment always generates interest, and this year was no exception! There was a lot of extra excitement around the $2 National Lampoon Christmas Vacation ticket, expected to be a huge hit with players based upon its iconic name recognition,” said Kristin Cleveland, Senior Corporate Account Manager, Florida Lottery.

“Several chain partners were very excited about the ticket, and the Florida Lottery worked with them to create additional point of sale materials for placement in stores over and above our normal Lottery POS placements. The cooler door clings and window signs are sure to capture players’ attention when shopping at one of our top convenience chain partners in the state. We were happy to assist the chain, and know this will add to their sales successes for the holiday season.”

Finally, the Florida Lottery made some changes to its holiday bonus program. “Player research showed an opportunity for more variety in our holiday games,” explained Gerteisen. “Because everything has changed in 2020, we’re diversifying our holiday Scratch-Off offerings and Holiday Bonus Play Promotion. To capitalize on advertising and promotional efficiencies, we’re offering a multi-product second chance, in which all tickets for our newly enhanced and rebranded FLORIDA LOTTO® game, plus non-winners from all five holiday Scratch-Off games are eligible for entry with the chance to win prizes ranging from $1,000 gift cards to $25,000 cash.”