The Georgia Lottery will help make the holidays special with its blockbuster holiday lineup.

“The Georgia Lottery urges players to ‘Give The Perfect Gift’ with a holiday ticket,” said James Hutchinson, SVP, Marketing & Promotions, Georgia Lottery. “This year we are introducing a $10 Jumbo Bucks 50X the Money game and $20 Jumbo Bucks 100X The Money game. This will be the first time that we have married two strong core game themes into one Scratcher. Due to the popularity of the Jumbo Bucks and X the Money brands, we believe these will resonate well among our core players. Each game is printed on holographic paper and designed to complement each other at retail.”

There will be no changes in how the lottery markets holiday Scratchers as a result of COVID.

“During the initial shelter-in-place period, we removed all advertisements that suggested a retail visit, which meant no Scratcher advertisement. Nonetheless, throughout this pandemic period, we have seen tremendous growth in Scratcher and draw sales at retail and online. Only recently have we returned to advertising Scratchers,” said Hutchinson.

Retail remains strong for the Georgia Lottery and its retailers. In terms of digital outreach, “social media continues to be a vital component to our media mix, and we will use this medium to advertise our holiday games,” said Hutchinson.

“We are increasing our holiday responsible gaming messaging on our website and social media,” he added.