The Kansas Lottery wants “Holidays Made Easy!” which is the slogan for the holiday scratch ticket campaign.


In 2020, the lottery is also embracing the holiday family of games. “We launched the ‘Holiday Lucky Times’ mini family of games, which includes the $1, $2, $5, and $10 price points. These tickets are eye-catching and feature multipliers that our players gravitate toward,” said Judy Bradley, Instant Product Development Manager, Kansas Lottery. “All of the Holiday Lucky Times tickets are included in our special second-chance drawing in PlayOn for post-holiday bonus cash, and they are all ‘giftable’ by featuring a ‘to/from’ box on the ticket!”


Judging by FY21 sales trends, the $5 and $10 price points will be the hottest seller during the holidays. “Our $10 price point has seen the largest increase since the start of the pandemic, and we expect that growth to be reflected in our holiday sales,” said Bradley. “Our $5 category has traditionally been a hit item among our players, and we do not anticipate that to change in the foreseeable future.”


For its marketing campaign, Kansas Lottery will use a fully integrated TV, radio, outdoor, and digital campaign. “It focuses on messaging to be relevant and reflects the changing times and current events,” said Bradley.


Social media promotion is key during the holidays. “Since we haven’t been able to host-in store remotes and attend large events as we traditionally would, we have taken advantage of our resources in social media by promoting the Holiday Lucky Times tickets and the second-chance promotion during our Facebook Live House Parties that occur twice a week,” said Bradley.


Virtual outreach is very valuable to the lottery’s marketing strategy right now. “We are able to make thousands of impressions using very little in marketing spent by hosting watch parties bi-weekly using Facebook, where we feature our new tickets and give away prize packages, PlayOn points, and coupons,” said Bradley.


The lottery’s virtual House Parties kicked off in April 2020. “Since then, we have had 982,000 total minutes of video views, a 2,590% year-over-year increase in viewership, a 3,356% increase in new followers, and a 27,131% increase in engagements,” said Bradley. “During the House Parties, 27 members have won PlayOn points as a prize on the wheel. Overall, we have given away more than 106,000 points for these prizes, 6,707 total promo codes used for PlayOn, and numerous prize packages and coupons!”


Kansas Lottery also partnered with Casey’s to create its “12 Days of Christmas” campaign this year. Casey’s is a Midwestern convenience store/gas station chain. There are currently 169 Kansas Lottery retailers across the state.


“If their customer buys $20 in Kansas Lottery products, they get 250 points added to their account on the Caseys rewards app. They can use their rewards points for discounts on fuel, food and merchandise in the store,” said Bradley.


The lottery also worked with the Dillons grocery store chain to create custom in-store overhead messaging that promotes instant scratch tickets and the Holiday Millionaire Raffle. There are currently 109 Kansas Lottery retailers.


The lottery purchased these audio in-store ads. “These are overhead audio announcements that run periodically throughout the day on their overhead PA systems,” said Bradley.