The New Hampshire Lottery is forecasting a Frosty Holiday season.

“Our $2 Frosty Fun could be a big hit as it offers a new style of game play that mimics the play style of the IWG e-Instant of the same name (and design). It is also a bigger ticket to allow for the different style of play (6” x 4” vs. 4” x 4”), is landscape orientation, and for the first time we are utilizing Scientific Games’ HD printing,” said Kelley Jaye Cleland, Chief Product & Program Officer, New Hampshire Lottery. “To top it all off, this is an omni channel game, where not only new iLottery players but also existing players can enter the promo code and receive $5 free iLottery dollars with their first deposit of $10 or more.”

The lottery is also launching a $10 holiday ticket, which has not been done in at least six years. “We decided we would try launching a $10 game this holiday season with one caveat—it would be pulsed. So the first 40% of the game is holiday-themed. Once that sells out of the warehouse, we will start shipping a traditional cash bonus themed game. This way we satiate the players who want a $10 holiday game, but cover potential returns and waste with changing the look and feel to appeal past the holiday time period. So, that is a long way of saying that I think the $10 holiday game will be a big hit since it is filling the void, and we treated the game from a prize structure perspective, the same we would any other $10 (with finesse!),” explained Cleland.

In terms of advertising the holiday lineup, one slogan wasn’t enough for the 2020 holiday program. “When you have a handful of holiday scratch tickets at multiple price points with a number of different scenes per game, one slogan just won’t do them justice,” said Maura McCann, Director, Marketing, New Hampshire Lottery. “And how about giving the sales staff flexibility with point of sale placement? This season that means three different diecut holiday ornaments to feature the games with three different slogans: WINter! Festive Fun! Holiday Cheer!”

This ornament theme will appear as an advertising message on the bottom of draw game tickets, website graphics, point of sale and social media posts. Players are reminded that “Scratch tickets makes great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers!”

The lottery moves into December promoting “Merry Mondays.” There will be a different iLottery offer on each Monday during the month of December. Plus “the characters from the e-Instant game, Frosty Fun, come alive on our website in the form of Easter Eggs – Easter Eggs with an iLottery dollar offer. All of these offers are good for new iLottery players as well as current players,” said McCann.

“Social media in December, we’ll be “gifting” our products to players through a multitude of product giveaways–scratch tickets, subscription play, iLottery and more,” she added.