The Nebraska Lottery is advising players to “Stick with tradition…give fast, fun and easy Nebraska Lottery tickets this year, too!”

The lottery is projecting its $3 Jollier Jackpot will be “our biggest hit for our holiday scratcher games this year,” said Brian Griesenbrock, Products Manager, Nebraska Lottery. “This will replace last year’s $2 offering and be the first extended-play non-Crossword $3 holiday game ever launched by Nebraska Lottery. Lastly, it will diversify our $3 extended play-style and top prize portfolio.”

According to Griesenbrock, the lottery is “not making any changes from our standard holiday marketing this year due to COVID.”

But virtual outreach is key. “We will continue to encourage our players to be responsible in their trips to our retail outlets and also encourage use of the mobile app scanning feature,” said Brian Griesenbrock.

In addition, the lottery is staging virtual events for its player community. “We are having Facebook live events in October, November and December where we will be focusing on promoting our holiday games and promotion,” said Griesenbrock.”We’ll also have a fun social media promotion called the Twice as Nice Social Media Giveaway starting November 30. We’ll draw five winners who will get $100 in Scratch tickets and $100 in tickets we’ll send to the friend of their choice.”