The Oregon Lottery absolutely NAILED it with their slogan for their holiday program.

“In our state, we call scratchers Scratch-its. So this year’s campaign plays on the ‘it’ word. Scratch-its, This Year’s ‘IT’ Gift for the Holidays. That said, we take a very contextually-driven approach to how we message for each campaign. For us, context (for audience, placement, timing, medium, etc.) is far more important than vertical integration across each of the hundreds of assets for this campaign. We used to blast the “slogan” on every piece we had, but have improved performance by putting more logic into the right message for the right asset,” explained Shad Barnes, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Oregon Lottery.

The big IT scratcher is the $20 holiday Scratch-its. “We feel like out top performer of our Holiday tickets will be our $20 Holiday Party Scratch-it,” said Tina Erickson, Manager, Lottery Products Portfolio, Oregon Lottery. “$20 games have become very popular with our customers and this ticket with its classic winter design and rich colors should sell very well.”

Due to COVID, the lottery made numerous changes to how it is marketing holiday Scratch-its. “We have always done some face to face ‘surprise & delight’ handing out free tickets at some of our higher volume retailers, but that just isn’t appropriate this year. Additionally, we’re very careful about how we show talent in our advertising as it relates to COVID protocols. So, no images of gatherings, masks on when appropriate, softer messaging and imagery around how people shop, etc,” said Barnes.

Virtual outreach is key. “We’ve had a couple of campaigns since COVID and were already allocating most of our outreach to digital channels, it’s really more about how we relay the safety protocols and safety first as a part of the calls to action,” explained Barnes.