The Pennsylvania Lottery is bringing “the Holidays to Life!”

“We are very excited about this year’s lineup of holiday-themed Scratch-Offs in Pennsylvania. This year’s games include: [$20] $1,000,000 Merry Money, [$10] Tree-Mendous Winnings, [$5] Holiday Gifts, [$3] Santa’s Workshop, [$2] Cash Kringle, and [$1] Oh, Snap. For the third consecutive holiday season, all six games will feature HD Printing,” said Kara Sparks, Director of Products, Pennsylvania Lottery.

In addition, two games feature a little extra holiday magic with special print features. “$1,000,000 Merry Money features a fun, holographic ticket stock that was custom-designed for the Pennsylvania Lottery. For the first time in Pennsylvania, Micromotion™ is adding raised texture to the display area of Tree-Mendous Winnings. Micromotion™ uses coatings on foil paper to create the illusion and feel of motion on the ticket, something we think our players will find extra special this holiday season. Tree-Mendous Winnings is also featured in our TV spot this holiday season,” added Sparks.

Each Scratch-Off offers a special feature. “Holiday Gifts should spread the gift-giving cheer at the ever-popular $5 price point, $3 Santa’s Workshop features fun graphics and a popular playstyle, $2 Cash Kringle offers a Coal Hard Cash bonus game, and the tasty theme and graphics of $1 Oh, Snap are sure to make players smile,” she explained.

In terms of best performance, Sparks said “we expect both the $20 and $10 games to be biggest holiday hits this season as the higher price points continue to perform exceptionally well in Pennsylvania. With the stunning graphics and print features, we’re confident these two games will bring particular holiday joy to our players.”

The lottery will also launch nine iLottery games during the holiday season. “One game will launch each week during our typical nine-week holiday-focused sales period. Six of those iLottery games are new and include: Home for the Holly-Days, Chimney Stacks of Cash, Merrier Multiplier, Bake It ‘til You Make It, Ca$h Avalanche, and BRR Bucks,” said Sparks.

Three player-favorites from last year are being re-launched this year—Snow Me the Money, Frosty Fun, and Walrus Winnings. “The games represent both holiday-themed games and winter-themed games. By offering a variety of different game themes and mechanics, we give our players a variety of seasonal games to play, which most appeal to them during this very popular time period for our players,” said Sparks.

Sparks also provided me the names of vendors which provided each game:
IWG produced Chimney Stacks of Cash, Merrier Multiplier, Frosty Fun, Walrus Winnings, and BRR Bucks.
SG Games provided Snow Me the Money.
SidePlay provided Home for the Holly-Days, Bake It ‘til You Make It, and Ca$h Avalanche.

“While we are excited about all of our online (iLottery) games we are offering throughout the holiday season, we are expecting a few to be most popular with our players. Home for the Holly-Days and Bake It ‘til You Make It offer the classic match three like prize amounts playstyle and graphics that will warm players’ hearts,” said Sparks. “Chimney Stacks of Cash puts our players right in the middle of the action of Santa’s Workshop and Merrier Multiplier is a follow-up to the popular Merry Multiplier from last year with an updated game mechanic and new festive graphics. To get everyone through the winter, we have Ca$h Avalanche and BRR Bucks.”

“Our holiday Scratch-Offs and Fast Play games have a bonus code printed on them informing players that if they play holiday-themed games online from the PA Lottery, they then could be awarded bonus money by using the bonus code on the Scratch-Off or Fast Play game,” said Sparks. “Our PA Lottery online holiday games had a play – get offer. Payers who played a certain amount on the online platform (iLottery) received a coupon for a free PA Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off ticket,” said Sparks.

The lottery designed each of the iLottery games to complement either a Scratch-Off or Fast Play game launching this year. “For example, Chimney Stacks of Cash and [$3] Santa’s Workshop Scratch-Off game feature elves hard at work. Bake It ‘til You Make It and [$1] Oh, Snap Scratch-Off game both feature gingerbread cookies fresh out of the oven. And lastly, the [$5] Peng-Win Plunge Fast Play game fits in nicely with the winter-themed iLottery games launching later in the season. By complimenting rather than recreating, we are able to offer our players a range of themes and playstyles across all of our instant win game product lines,” said Sparks.

To create excitement at retail, the lottery is partnering with select PA Lottery retailers for Second-Chance Drawings specific to their stores. There are no promo codes required.

iLottery jurisdictions typically sell “seasonal/holiday” eInstants as there is less risk then printing a short-run game. But Pennsylvania Lottery proves holiday Scratch-off and holiday Fast Play games are equally popular.

“Holiday-themed traditional games (and seasonal games, in general) have always been a very popular theme with our players in Pennsylvania. It was the reason we pushed so hard to get those games online and bring our players full circle from retail to online and then online back to retail,” explained Sparks.

“While holiday-themed traditional games, like Scratch-Offs, have a shorter life in the retail space, we have seen in past years that the appeal for the theme lasts much longer online (iLottery) than it does at retail. In fact, some games that were launched in 2019 are still active on our site today, and because it is online, we do not need to worry about opening up a bin for the next game launch,” she added.