The West Virginia Lottery’s slogan for its holiday campaign is “A Great Gift for Yourself or Someone Else.”

For its big holiday scratcher, the lottery created a holiday version of a hit game. “The $10 PRIZE INSIDE ticket pulse is a holiday skin of our already popular MONEY BAGS,” said Michael Thaxton, Product Development Manager, West Virginia Lottery. “We wanted to offer a holiday game at $10, but needed to minimize the risk of our smaller print quantities in the state.”

There are no changes to how the lottery markets holiday instant games as a result of COVID. “Holiday games have traditionally been a slightly higher-than-average selling set of games,” said Thaxton.

But the lottery did increase its virtual outreach. “We are taking extra steps to push the games in our social media and with virtual promotional events. We have begun a “Ticket Talk” virtual segment and pushed it heavily after Thanksgiving,” said Thaxton.