The Florida Lottery is using new technology to keep players informed. The lottery implemented the GSTV LBar that triggers for both Mega Millions and Powerball above the threshold of $250 million.

“The Florida Lottery is the first to utilize the trigger technology activating the jackpot LBar space when a jackpot is at a specific threshold. There is an opportunity for incremental sales when the Jackpot is high, so the trigger technology allows us to seamlessly activate the messaging to prompt both frequent and new players to purchase,” explained Everett Williams, Advertising Manager, Florida Lottery.

Now this technology is also being used with its $6.3 billion-a-year Scratch off business. “In Q3, the Florida Lottery is utilizing an API integration for the first time within media for the new Gold Rush Supreme scratch-offs, which also has a rolling Jackpot feature. To capitalize on the excitement of the Jackpot, we implemented the API integration within our digital ads to serve and then display the current Jackpot to users online. This innovation has also allowed us to replicate our GSTV L bar tactic to drive immediacy with our consumers at the point of purchase,” said Williams.

Gold Rush is a huge business for the Florida Lottery. The latest launch is the Gold Rush Supreme family of games. “The first $20 Scratch-Off game debuted from the Florida Lottery in 2004 and quickly became a staple within the Scratch-Off portfolio. In the first year after introduction into the market, the first $20 game, GOLD RUSH, shattered expectations and accounted for nearly $500 million in sales,” said Shelly Gerteisen, Director of Product, Florida Lottery.

The cumulative sales for Gold Rush inĀ  Florida “exceed more than $10.4 billion, or an average of over $386 million per game,” said Gerteisen.