Minnesota Lottery is staying true to its identity as the North Star State with its newest instant ticket. Called True North, the $5 ticket allows players to celebrate the cold.

“Take the scenic route and keep the adventure going! Find new destinations and your True North.”

“Holiday scratch game sales were strong here in Minnesota and we plan to keep the fun rolling into the first quarter of the calendar year by promoting True North—a scratch game that features artwork by our advertising agency and provides us with a theme we can use to connect with players and potential players by embracing what it takes to survive the cold depths of a Minnesota winter,” said Todd Maki, Research Analyst, Minnesota Lottery.

Since you have to laugh at yourself when you wear 10 layers of clothes, the ad campaign pokes a little fun. “Social media, video clips and words of wisdom that maybe only someone living here will understand are part of the campaign as are point-of-sale materials for our retailer network,” explained Maki.

One 15-second spot (Minnesota Lottery True Northism “Ice Fishing”) features a bearded fisherman meditating and ice fishing. “The deeper the thoughts, the deeper the place needed to think them … That’s the True North spirit.”

The lottery is also raising the stakes with retail incentives. “Our sales force will also have a chance to earn some bonus pay by increasing True North sales in their territories by 10% or more over a scratch game on sale at the same time last year, Minnesnowta Cash,” said Maki. (Word to wise: The misspelling is intentional.)

True North is only one of many scratchers that will entertain players in the depth of winner winter. “True North will lead the way for us as we roll into 2021 but we have other scratch games set for Ticket Tuesdays in January, February and March that we expect will also sell well,” said Maki. “On the Lotto side, it is great to see the jackpots rolling for Powerball and Mega Millions.”