On Monday, Feb. 22, the CT Lottery will debut an add-on feature to its Play3 and Play4 games called “Wild Ball.” The Wild Ball is an extra number that is drawn by the CT Lottery at each drawing and increases a player’s chance of winning by creating more winning combinations.

“We have a teaser campaign planned to generate awareness that Wild Ball is coming, then reinforcement advertising that it in an option after launch. Marketing campaign will focus on the message ‘Worth it’ – messaging will be geared toward explaining that it’s worth it to add Wild Ball since it provides more chances to win,” said Pete Donahue, Senior Director of Marketing, CT Lottery.

The lottery also created a “How To Play” Wild Ball video that is posted on YouTube.

The Wild Ball can be used by the player to replace any one of the numbers drawn by the CT Lottery to create more chances for the player to win. The Wild Ball replaces a drawn ball; the Wild Ball does NOT replace a player’s number on their ticket. Adding the Wild Ball feature doubles the cost of a Play3/Play4 wager.

Using Play3 as an example – if a player purchases a Straight wager ticket with the Wild Ball add-on, and one selects 2-5-3, and the Lottery draws 1-5-3 as the winning numbers with the Wild Ball number 2, the player would win. The winning combinations for this Straight wager with the Wild Ball addition would include: 1-5-3; 2-5-3; 1-2-3; 1-5-2. For more details: https://bit.ly/3az9GgC.

The Play3 and Play4 games are played by matching a three-digit (Play3) or four-digit (Play4) number drawn in various combinations. The drawings for each game are conducted separately.