The MUSL Marketing and Promotions Committee issued its POWERBALL® Promotional Request for Information (RFI) on February 17.

“POWERBALL is an iconic brand that attracts players from all walks of life and most importantly delivers tremendous impact for communities across the country,” said Gregg Edgar, Executive Director at Arizona Lottery. “Through this RFI we are looking to develop lasting brand partnership and connection for our players.”

The goal of this RFI is to gather responses for marketing programs that will support POWERBALL sales to key audiences in participating lottery jurisdictions in 2022. The Marketing and Promotions Committee of the Multi-State Lottery Association, comprised of Executive Directors of U.S. lotteries that sell the POWERBALL brand, will review and evaluate all responses on behalf of the Powerball Product Group. The Powerball Product Group has final approval on all Committee recommendations.

POWERBALL is seeking to develop meaningful and relevant brand connections with other national brands to help drive exposure, awareness and ultimately grow the consumer base of both participating companies. Detailed response criteria can be found in this document. Click the link to download the RFI.

Submission and Selection Timeline

• RFI Issued – February 17, 2021
• RFI Submission – March 17, 2021
• Evaluation Complete – April 21, 2021
• Presentation and Approval – May 30, 2021
• Contract Negotiations – June 2021
• Implementation Coordination – TBD
• Promotion Go Live – TBD

Email is MUSL’s preferred method of submission: The subject line should read: “POWERBALL RFI”
Alternatively, you may mail or deliver to the MUSL office:
Multi-State Lottery Association
Attn: Procurement
8101 Birchwood Court, Suite R
Johnston, IA 50131