Fleurry Madness: The Scratchers Design Tournament


“It is all about your decision[vote]—that will decide what place you will be in.”

Welcome to Fleurry Madness—a March Madness-style tournament to decide the best art for the lottery’s top-selling instant game. 

The Quest for the Fleurry Award

Over the next four weeks, North American lotteries’ instant tickets will be pitted against each other, one on one. We’ve ranked each state’s ticket design based on initial PC sales, divided the lotteries into four regions, and awarded a “bye week” to the four lotteries with the highest rank in their respective group. Each week winners will go head-to-head in a battle royale that is determined by votes. The winner advances to the next round, while the “non-winner” will be eliminated. The art will be winnowed down eventually to one winner! And the ultimate prize? The prestigious. venerable, coveted Fleurry Award—the embodiment of excellence and creativity in the world of lotteries. Did we say epic? It’s epic too. 

Fleurry Madness will begin on August 17. The first four rounds of voting will each take one week, culminating in the nail-biting Fleurry Madness Championship on September 27 with the Champion being crowned on September 28.

Join the lottery industry in crowning the Scratchers Design Champion, as your votes propel the finest designs to victory. Fleurry Madness promises an unforgettable journey through lightning-paced rounds. Cast your vote, elevate the best, and triumph together in the Fleurry Madness.