La Fleur’s Magazine announced the five lotteries which won La Fleur’s Magazine 2019 Fleurry Awards at its La Fleur’s 2019 Austin Conference (Nov 18-21). The five winning lotteries were Arizona Lottery, Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, Atlantic Lottery Corp., Colorado Lottery and Connecticut Lottery Corp.

The Fleurry award-winning ads were: Atlantic Lottery (“The Weeks Of Our Lives”-Ad Agency: Arrivals + Departures), Arizona Lottery (“Triple Twist”-Ad Agency: OH Partners), Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (“Get In The Game Razorback Scratch Off Ticket”-Ad Agency: CJRW), Colorado Lottery (“Multiplier Family of Games”-Ad Agency: Cactus) and Connecticut Lottery (“I Got This”-Ad Agency: Decker).

There were entries from 41 North American lotteries for the contest. La Fleur’s Magazine sent the link to vote to its 4,600+ subscribers. The advertisements receiving the top number of votes were the winners.

“We are always blown away by the quality of the advertising submitted. It is creativity unleashed! There is no judging committee. Lotteries get to see and vote on their peers’ work. And it only takes up about two minutes of the work day,” said Terri Markle, Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine.

The Fleurry Ad “People’s Choice” Awards originated in 2011.

All submissions can be viewed at:

2019 Fleurry Award Ceremony Photo

Pictured (Far left): La Fleur’s Magazine publisher Terri Markle; Marina Bogard (CEO, Playport—Digital Sponsor of La Fleur’s 2019 Fleurry Advertising Competition); Chris Rogers (Deputy Director, Products & Marketing, Arizona Lottery), Bishop Woosley (Director, Arkansas Scholarship Lottery), Pete Donahue (Senior Director of Marketing, Connecticut Lottery), Carlos Rodriguez (Director, Lottery Games (Instant), Connecticut Lottery) Christian Hawley (Advertising Director, Colorado Lottery), Shea Tullos (Creative Director, Cactus-Colorado Lottery’s ad agency) and Tom Seaver (Director, Colorado Lottery).