Loto-Quebec created the Holiday Collection for its players.

“For this 2020 Christmas collection, we decided to offer comfort to our players, bringing back the brands they love with a festive twist. Our players will be happy to scratch classic Bingo, Crosswords and 7 chanceux games, as well as new classics such as Advent Calendar which is a fun way to prepare for the Holiday. The whole collection is wrapped up in a peaceful green color schemes. This year, the prizes to win in our traditionnal Cadeau Surprise come from local business, this surely will send a positive message during the Holiday season. For the second year, we’ve launched a $10 scratcher, Richesse des fêtes, that will potentially perform as well as last year!” said Anne-Marie Voyer, Director of Product Management & Development, Marketing Strategy & Communication Department, Loto-Quebec.

The lottery’s slogan, “A Classic Holiday Collection,” is featured on the lottery’s POS. It shows the complete collection of tickets available for purchase. “We also have a campaign for Cadeau Surprise, with the slogan ‘Local prizes to put uder your tree,’” said Voyer.

Loto-Quebec’s virtual outreach is a mix of media, including web, social media and newsletter. “The advertising campaign in support of the Holiday scratchers include three TV / web video spots that showcase one specific scratcher or the complete collection,” explained Voyer. “Each scratcher of the collection have a unique USP that will be used to create social media content throughout the Holiday seasons. For example, with Cadeau Surprise, we are supporting local business but it’s also a Christmas tree scratch & sniff. The 7 Chanceux is a scratcher that can be use as a gift tag.”