Tom Delacenserie, President & CEO, Kentucky Lottery Corp. (KLC), provided a lottery update.
“The five-year picture for Kentucky is decent growth that was above 30% over five years. Not bad. Not bad… record year this year. First week of June. We finished at billion-dollar level. Should have hit that mark five years ago. How to beat it? Look at the details,” he stressed.
Delacenserie provided the four areas under review:
Detail #1: Improve overall awareness. “The posters were just wallpaper. Change that up and make that game specific,” he said. “ We did this with a holiday family.”
Detail #2: Improve overall games. “Overall, add families, improve prize structures, game specific planogram, expand launches to six weeks, reduce the number of high price points and create ‘event’ merchandising,” he explained.
Detail #3: Strengthen corporate partnerships/product distribution. “We have good corporate relationships, but we need to improve,” he said. “We need to add counter facings. If they have on-counter displays, we trying to get them to get vending machines, and vice versa. Negotiating potential additional POS.”