The Michigan Lottery is focusing on digital campaigns to promote online draw sales.

“[In the past year] our most successful digital campaign promoted draw-based games, such as Powerball and Mega Millions, through paid social channels,” said Jeffrey Holyfield, Director, Public Relations, Michigan Lottery. “Messaging was adjusted throughout the campaign life cycle in order to create a sense of excitement on days leading up to the drawing and specifically on draw days. In order to drive budget decisions and create target costs per acquisitions, lifetime value models were created to help us understand the expected revenue from a draw-based game player vs. players who prefer more classic instant and keno games that are offered online.”

The lottery’s biggest campaign in 2017 will center on telling the story of an online $1 million Powerball winner. “The winner found out she won when she received a call from the Michigan Lottery customer support center and the ad will feature an excerpt from that call,” explained Holyfield. “In addition to creating more awareness of the online games program, our goal is to bring to life the excitement and possibilities of buying online. This campaign will be digitally focused and include video commercials with premium and programmatic streaming channels, native ads, and paid social ads.”

In 2018, the lottery plans to promote a new mobile app currently in development with user acquisition and engagement campaigns. “Campaigns will focus on the improved user experience, including remote retail ticket checking, in-app purchases, and more,” he said.