The Arizona Lottery reached out to the Capitol Museum in 2018 and offered to install an exhibit featuring its lottery mascot Windfall Willie and a detailed recreation of his office as Chief Fun Officer.

“The museum loved the idea and, after months of hard work and creative meetings with our advertising agency of record, OH Partners, we now have an amazing tribute to our players and the good they have been helping us do for Arizona, not to mention a go-to location for news outlets looking for great visuals when producing entertaining and informative Arizona Lottery stories,” explained John Gilliland, Chief Information Officer, Arizona Lottery.

The exhibit includes information on historic mining, Arizona Lottery artifacts, a working ball draw machine, photos of past winners and tickets, a timeline of Arizona Lottery history, and a detailed overview of the more than $8 billion transferred to beneficiaries over the Arizona Lottery’s 38-year history. It is open to the public until summer 2019.

Gilliland describes the exhibit as a one-stop-shop for all Arizonans who want to learn more about the Arizona Lottery and the 18 beneficiaries that receive lottery funding.” Lawmakers want to know that they are helping to fund programs that are making a real difference in the state and players want to know that they dollars they are spending on lottery tickets are not being wasted when they don’t win. The informative and entertaining photos, detailed and engaging displays, and summaries of what each of the Arizona Lottery’s beneficiaries does to benefit the people of our state is an organic and effective way to tell our story to lawmakers and to the public,” he explained.

This exhibit helps to tell the Arizona Lottery’s story by immersing visitors in the history and importance of the Arizona Lottery to the entire state. “Through the interactive and engaging displays, as well as the wall-graphic summaries of our beneficiaries’ roles in the daily of lives of so many Arizonans, visitors learn about the lottery on multiple levels,” said Gilliland. The mining artifacts on display also offer visitors a chance to learn about the connection Arizona has to our prospecting past and why Windfall Willie is such a meaningful mascot.”

Creating this experience at the Capitol Museum is more than good cause marketing. “It is multiple cause marketing that educates lawmakers and the public about the Arizona Lottery as both a benefactor and a business that is woven into the fabric of our communities. This exhibit does more than just tout the accomplishments of the Arizona Lottery and the prizes won by our players: it brings it all to life with an authenticity that no other form of marketing can match,” stated Gilliland.