For its Gem Multiplier family launch in August, the Hoosier Lottery developed an interactive gem hunt designed to drive awareness of the game to players.

“To help drive awareness of our Gem Multiplier Scratch-offs, we are inviting players to join the hunt by finding codes. These codes are hidden among our Gem Multiplier Scratch-off online promotional pieces, myLOTTERY emails and the Hoosier Lottery app for the chance to win $200 in Scratch-offs. If a player finds three codes, they can enter for a chance to be one of the five to win. Entries are submitted at More information is available at,” said Brittany D’Haenens, Senior Product Manager, Hoosier Lottery.
Research shows that gems and multipliers are often best performers for U.S. lotteries. “We can’t speak for all lotteries, but we believe the broad appeal and visually pleasing gem ticket art, combined with the expansive play experience of the multipliers creates broad appeal,” explained Robert Tharp, Senior Director Analytics and Product Development, Hoosier Lottery.

The lottery expects strong sales performance from the Gem Multiplier family for 12 weeks and beyond. “We are confident that the combination of these two strong themes along with compelling artwork and full marketing support will ensure these games meet and exceed sales expectations for their duration on market. Early sales for the games indicate that they will do just that,” said Tharp.

The Gem Multiplier is unique from past FOGs sold by the Hoosier Lottery. “This is the first time we have combined these two traditional themes into a single family of games,” said Tharp.

D’Haenens said “traditional and digital efforts focused on bringing discovery and adventure to life through the various game components, including the chance to collect gems, multipliers and instant cash prizes. We worked to ensure it came through visually and across all messaging and promotional support.”