Western Canada Lottery Corp. (WCLC) is testing player response to a hybrid Scratch ‘N Win (zing) ticket. “LUCKY GEMS is a combination of traditional scratch and modern E-Play,” explained Donovan Coleman, Manager, Big Play Products, WCLC. “The ticket is the transactional piece; all lottery prize security resides with the ticket. The electronic portion is simply a display piece.”

Consumers must purchase a ticket to obtain an access code. “Access codes result in winning/non-winning experiences that are tied to the ticket. The ticket must be validated at retail for any prizes won on the E-Play portion,” said Coleman.

The lottery expects that the hybrid ticket will attract a broad audience. Coleman said it was “not designed specifically for under 35. E-Play products have been developed to complement the existing zing ticket portfolio. E-Play is designed to provide an entertaining and engaging personal gaming experience. It transitions familiar zing play styles into the digital realm and is aimed at our core player that is looking for a modern twist to their favorite zing games,” he said.