The New Hampshire Lottery kicked off its Holiday Lights promotion last year which featured the opportunity to win a coveted position on the lottery’s second edition of the holiday program.

In November, the lottery launched sales for the new $5 Holiday Lights scratcher which features the winning house. “We are bringing the contest back this year from October 23 to December 15,” said New Hampshire Lottery Marketing Director Maura McCann. “Players will submit via the lottery’s Facebook page. We are reaching out to media to encourage more participation.”

Players will be able to see the house which won the contest last year which should definitely ramp up interest (as well as entries).

“One of the biggest differentiators from a product standpoint is that we ARE actually showcasing the house that won last year, which we could not do last year,” said Kelley-Jaye Cleland, Director, Sales & Product Development, New Hampshire Lottery. “We can show players that ‘this could be your house next year’ and that people actually DO win in these competitions. And our field staff are behind it 100%, loving the fact that we are showcasing our players.”

Winner Joyce Mitchell won a professionally photographed framed picture of her home plus three books of tickets. McCann met the photographer at the house in Claremont, New Hampshire on January 6: “We had a short period of time to shoot those photos—kind of right after the ‘blue hour’ just as it got dark but not too dark. It had just snowed a bit that day, giving it perfectly some fresh cover.”