The New Hampshire Lottery launched a new TV ad to salute its lottery retailers during the COVID crisis.

“In May, still being sensitive to how we support the lottery in general, we’ll be running with a theme that resonates with everyone here in the Granite State —#603PRIDE,” explained Maura McCann, Director, Marketing, New Hampshire Lottery.

“Our New Hampshire-centric TV spot highlights how grateful we are for business owners and friendly cashiers, recognizing for opening each day to provide everyday essentials with the spot wrapping up with ‘You have always been a part of our family. And we are lucky to have you.’ #603PRIDE will further be seen on social media as well as advertisements on the bottom of tickets and more, reminding us all of the resiliency of this state.”

On the bottom of draw game tickets, the lottery is running one of two Feelin’ the #603PRIDE advertising messages: “Thanks to our retailers!” and “Grateful for players like you!”