The Louisiana Lottery Corp. will receive legislative relief starting in fiscal 2021 for its mandatory profit goal.

“Effective July 1, our legislature approved a reduction in the percentage of revenue we are required to return to the state from 35% to 25%, giving us unprecedented budgetary flexibility. Combined with accelerating our instant game product distribution due to higher demand in these pandemic times, we now are also able to start evaluating and modifying certain prize structures for our instant and draw-style games,” said Quinn Dossett, VP of Marketing, Louisiana Lottery. “This includes, of course, adding money into our current prize structures across our product line, as well as the ability to plan and hopefully introduce some potential new products to our overall portfolio.”

Dossett said the lottery’s marketing strategy must align with this previously unchartered territory which “we now fortunately find ourselves in. Additionally, with increasing adoption and, in some cases, migration to non-traditional advertising, such as digital marketing, streaming mediums and social media, we must carefully plan and coordinate all levels of marketing seamlessly across all channels,” he added.