Alchemy3 helps lotteries attract a wider breadth of consumers via programs with broad consumer appeal. Our FY20 top-selling games were as follows:

The Addams Family movie put a fresh twist on the kooky clan, resulting in six US lottery scratch games. Combining characters from the 2019 animated film with the 1960’s TV series cast allowed lotteries to expand the brand’s appeal across a wide demographic spectrum. The Addams Family will return with a new movie for Halloween 2021.

Skee-Ball continues to enjoy great success in the lottery category. Owning nostalgic appeal for older demos and relevance for young consumers, the Skee-Ball brand can be extended over multiple product categories including scratch, fastplay, Keno, interactive gaming, and iLottery.

Golden Nugget continues to register with lottery players young and old by mixing the Vegas, casino, and precious metal appeal for core players with the allure of downtown—a magnet for hip twenty-something Vegas visitors.

Polaris games continue their solid track record in the lottery category. Featuring vehicles ranging from the sporty Slingshot to rugged ATVs and snowmobiles, lotteries can select from a wide variety of prize options to capture the broadest audience possible.


Proven brands and imaginative second chance experiences deliver fun and player loyalty:

Wheel of Fortune®: This ever-popular brand continues to be a star performer across jurisdictions. To date, 26 lotteries globally have launched games with a total retail value approaching $1 billion. Two BIG MONEY SPIN second chance events give players from 11 lotteries the chance to win up to $1 million on the set of Wheel of Fortune in Los Angeles.

Caesars®: Spectacular tickets featuring the iconic brand showcase the luxury and excitement of Las Vegas. Fourteen lotteries have launched games with total retail value of over $318 million, and eight lotteries have awarded experiential second chance trips to Vegas.

IGT™ Slots: IGT leverages its massive library of casino game content to create instant games that are instantly recognizable to lottery and casino players alike. Sales total over $275 million in retail value, with technology enhancements including interactive 3D reveals for an exciting slot-like experience.

Circuit of the Americas™ (COTA): IGT secured a license with this racing and concert venue in Austin, TX, exclusively for the Texas Lottery in 2012. Second chance promotions featuring merchandise prize packs and unique trip experiences have increased fan devotion, bringing the total retail value to date of COTA-branded games to over $255 million.

Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote’s portfolio of classic licensed brands has been a favorite among players for years, demonstrating that consumers continue to crave nostalgic experiences when playing lottery games. The familiarity of our leading retro brands—PAC-MAN®, Tetris®, Frogger, and now GALAGA™—appeal to players’ nostalgia by combining beloved arcade classics with the thrill of lottery.
Their enduring popularity has led to numerous ticket launches across North America, with benefits to both players and lotteries. PAC-MAN®’s 2019 launch in Missouri was an instant hit with players, achieving a five-week index of 119. Tetris®, which offers players an extended play option on instant tickets with built-in brand recognition, has nearly 30 launches, including three launches of its interactive 2nd Chance game. Frogger has had 51 launches, including 19 relaunches, with Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s 2020 launch reaching a five-week index of 110!
The year ahead is packed with even more retro excitement! The Kansas Lottery will launch the first GALAGA™ ticket this July, the Nebraska Lottery’s 8”x12” Arcade Classics Big Ticket, featuring a retro trifecta of PAC-MAN®, Tetris®, and GALAGA™, arrives at retail this year, and several classic TV licenses—including Happy Days™ and The Brady Bunch™—have joined Pollard Banknote’s brand portfolio!

Scientific Games

For three consecutive fiscal years, MONOPOLY® remains the world’s No. 1 licensed lottery brand. Hasbro’s iconic brand is more popular with lottery players than ever before with North American lotteries offering MONOPOLY games with a retail value of $1 billion+ annually. Families of MONOPOLY games have launched across multiple price points in Texas, Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois.

At No. 2, JAMES BOND 007™ is North America’s most successful linked instant game of 2020, outperforming expectations even before the highly anticipated NO TIME TO DIE movie releases in theatres this fall. The linked game offers a second-chance opportunity to win trips to Las Vegas to play the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge with cash prizes up to $1 million+. Also an international blockbuster, JAMES BOND games are launching in 12+ jurisdictions in Europe, Middle East and Australasia.

Authentic LOTERIA™ instant games with original Don Clemente images hold the No. 3 spot in Scientific Games’ licensed brands portfolio. This beloved Latin American bingo-style game is one of the industry’s most ‘re-introduced’ brands, with 120+ launches to date.

A combination of favorites bingo and slots, SLINGO® remains one of the hottest brands available for lottery games. Celebrating 400 game launches since inception, SLINGO is one of the industry’s most requested and best performing extended play games.