In the last year, Smartplay has delivered the Origin® Digital Draw System to California Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Wisconsin Lottery and Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

“Several others are in the works,” reported Darrell Smith, VP, Sales & Marketing, Smartplay, who joined the company earlier this year.

One of the reasons for growth stems from being able to audit draw results easily using the system’s SmartAudit feature. “We’ve incorporated time-saving features based on suggestions from auditors and draw managers,” said Michael Rado, Director of Technology, Smartplay. “With the SmartAudit feature,  an auditor scans a code on the PDF report using any device. No phone calls or third party is required.”

Origin runs all standard pick, lotto and raffle-style games. Smartplay notes the system is a cryptographically strong, self-contained hardware/software system with no outside connections and requires no IT expertise.

Origin has been certified previously by BMM, Eclipse, GLI, KMPG and SeNet.

An optional feature—the Origin Media Portal—makes it easy to distribute draw results and animations to social media, broadcasters and print media.

“Media portal reduces the steps required to share the draw animations with the public,” said Smith. “If the animated results are easier to share, then it be comes a more useful marketing tool.”

Smartplay received ISO 9001:2008 accreditation effective October 21, 2016, after an extensive analysis of its quality systems and processes.

ISO certification requires that companies regularly demonstrate that they manufacture to specific quality and management standards. Smartplay’s internal audit and quality management teams have  started preparation to transition to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard in April of next year.

Smartplay works with over 200 lotteries and organizations in 85 countries. Founded in 1993, the firm is focused on delivering innovative products that maintain the integrity of the draw event —be it mechanical or digital. The product line has evolved over the years in response to clients’ needs by incorporating the latest technology.