What do consumers want in 2018? IGT joined forces with Foresight Factory, a global analytics and trends agency, to explore a set of eight consumer trends shaping lottery player behavior in 2018. The insights are drawn from data collected from 50,000 consumers in 24 countries in two waves each year, as well as a team of 500 trendspotters in 80 markets.

IGT’s “8 in 2018” Special Report considers the impact of these consumer trends on lottery play and offers insight in the context of players’ lives.
“We quantify each trend with related data and illustrate their manifestations with related commercial innovations,” said Alisa McKnight, Senior Director, Customer Experience at IGT.

Trend 1: Quest to Purchase

Consumers will increasingly welcome the opportunity to “work” to receive or engage with their favorite brands. “Challenge-walls” such as puzzles and treasure hunts placed between consumers and their entry to a game, for example, can create a sense of exclusivity and drive excitement, as well as increase positive shares on social media.

The report suggests how lotteries can give players access to status-boosting pre-purchase activities and increase satisfaction and participation in lottery games.

Trend 2: Custom at All Costs

“In 2018 and beyond, there will be a growing tendency toward flexible, lifestyle- and lifestage-personalized pricing models to differentiate and entice,” said McKnight.
With consumers seeking the best deals and effectively customizing their own pricing models, the report considers how lotteries can harness this trend to deliver greater player value.

Trend 3: Engineered Empathy

“Cold” brands that don’t project emotional empathy will be given the cold shoulder as consumers increasingly want brands to engage on a human level. Foresight Factory notes that the race is on to “perfect artificial intelligence (AI) and produce emotionally intelligent bots that can recognize emotion and offer near-human interactions.”

For lotteries, what are the opportunities to develop responsible strategies to assess and respond to the real-time emotional states of players?

Trend 4: Truth as a Commodity

In the current consumer landscape, truth, trust, and believability are all under serious pressure. Checking real (not manufactured) peer reviews often eases consumers’ concerns.

Foresight Factory found 94% of lottery players from 24 countries use their mobile phones to read about a product while they are shopping in a store.

Is now the time for lotteries to talk up the measures they take to ensure fairness in the face of growing consumer mistrust of corporations?

Trend 5: Anti-Automation

Consumers are beginning to recognize the potential threats posed by automation and evolving AI, and want companies to maintain the human touch somewhere in their value chain. “62% of U.S. lottery players—and 56% for non-players—think that companies should employ humans over robots, even if this means higher prices,” according to the report.

IGT and Foresight Factory look at how lotteries can dial up the human touch, particularly to be relatable to younger generations of consumers.

Trend 6: Harnessing the Free-Range Shopper

With access to a myriad of choices, consumers demand lightweight commitment in their buying relationships with brands. In 2018, consumers will seriously review long-term and overly complex commercial entanglements. Winning brands will emphasize ease of entry and departure.

The report explores how lotteries can use the opportunity to create more flexible offers for players, giving them greater freedom and game-choice options.

Trend 7: Fine to be Fallible

Consumers are increasingly at ease with the view that failure or defeat are an acceptable consequence of being human and can be an ingredient of success.

This attitude presents a platform for lotteries to celebrate the pleasure in taking part and the enjoyment of the dream of winning for every ticket purchased.

Trend 8: Life in Beta Mode

Smart devices connected to the Internet—such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s iPhones—are constantly being upgraded with new software, and brands are delivering an ongoing stream of alerts and communications to customers. Both indicate a trend towards engaging with consumers beyond the sale to provide or publicize new benefits.

With business intelligence supplying the means to understand player behavior, interests, and preferences ever more deeply, lotteries have greater potential to engage players and extend the value of a ticket sale beyond the outcome of the draw.

To read more how the eight trends could influence the lottery industry in the year ahead, download your copy of “8 in 2018” Special Report at IGT.com/LotteryBlog.