Instant games sales represent nowadays around 40% of the total lottery sales with annual growth of over the 4%, mostly driven by the ever-growing markets in Europe and U.S.

Even if virtual or internet instant games seemed that were going to replace the traditional scratch tickets, the history shows that there is enough room in market for both type of games, addressed to different players or players that want both categories depending on the moment or on the game offering.

Therefore, lotteries should focus not only on offering additional channels of interaction and point of sales, but on safeguarding a solid experience for them.

In order to satisfy all player needs in terms of instant tickets, lotteries may offer products and services that drive player engagement and personalized entertaining experiences, in an omni-channel environment, to build a cohesive land-based, and a digital ecosystem, from retailer terminals and platforms to web and mobile portals.

Cloud-Based Services

Today, omni-channel offerings are enhanced by cloud-based services, contactless transactions, online platforms that personalize player journeys through e-Wallets, loyalty and reward schemes as well as mobile apps that can be installed in retailer’s own devices providing them with all necessary functionalities. Altogether become part of the intelligent gaming ecosystem that drives player engagement and diversity in a responsible gaming offering.

Lotteries require different solutions to fit retail network needs. Retail rules are changing fast, and lotteries have to identify different network channels to grow, out of the traditional lottery point of sales, where lottery products are the main source of revenues.

This is the main reason why specific, simple, and cost-efficient solutions for these points of sales are required. Retailer owned devices, retailer terminals, self-service and vending machines, front-end and back-end platforms that can perfectly serve all kind of needs for each business type, both in exclusive gaming stores and non-dedicated retail venues, such as supermarkets and grocery stores, restaurants and hospitality, and small businesses.

Players, from their perspective, access instant games from different locations, turning traditional retail POS into advanced areas of gaming entertainment. Propositions that feature countertop solutions, self-service and vending machines as well as mobile and web apps that combine great performance with in and out store modernization, thereby efficiently fulfilling the operators’ needs.

This flexibility should be oriented not only on retailer and player side, but also on operator and product design side. Retail environment demands flexibility in terms of payment, in terms of retailer segmentation, and also in game segmentation, resulting a necessary system able to cover all different combinations of accounting, settlement rules, commission schemes and games.

Lotteries need a parametrical platform, modular, and fully adaptable allowing them to combine owned and any 3rd parties’ solutions in their system, with a content personalization based on customer profile. This can be established by capitalizing on the segmentation engine, the built-in A/B testing tools and the heating map capabilities.

To meet the growing demand of modern lotteries and players, INTRALOT has developed a new, open, and modular ecosystem that enables operators to offer secure, reliable, flexible and seamless gaming services in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Lotos X is the most parametrical platform in the Lottery industry. It’s IGMS solution (Instant management solution), is the specific platform to manage instant tickets that guarantees customer service excellence, improving instant tickets operations and building strong relationships between Lottery-customer.

Player Pulse is INTRALOT’s cutting-edge gaming CRM platform that bridges online gaming with the in-store customer experience, maximizing player engagement. It is a future-proof modular and flexible solution that can adapt to changing operator needs and support any number of third party tools. It is also fully integrated with all gaming verticals as well as affiliate systems, payment providers, communication systems and more.

Either as stand-alone or in full cooperation with other INTRALOT systems and solutions, the platform offers unrivaled cross-channel experience management capabilities, all in line with WLA and international principles and standards for responsible gaming. Whether it is a gaming offering, high performance of a terminal or instant support in a platform, INTRALOT is providing the latest technology and trends to its operators, which can make them leaders in the offering arena.

Through multiple channels, retail and online, desktop and mobile, INTRALOT’s products will come to enhance the conversion from this very important stage towards “closing the deal” providing gaming solutions that enable operators to create great omni-channel experiences for their customers.—Written by Sebastian Cuadrado Perl, General Manager, INTRALOT Chile