In an interview with Take-A-Ticket, based in Albany, Oregon, President Seth Tigner gives a glimpse to the re-emerging manufacturing section of the lottery industry.
“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact operations with many of our U.S. lottery customers,” noted Tigner. “Several lotteries have limited DSR interaction with retailers and warehouse operations in many states have also been impacted by the pandemic.”

During the summer, Take-A-Ticket began to see some relief as dispenser and display orders began to increase. “Several states, including Idaho, Colorado and Washington state requested direct shipment to retailers, bypassing the lottery’s closed warehouses,” said Tigner. “We continue to work directly with retail grocery and convenience store chains and independent retailers as well.”

Tigner and the team at Take-A-Ticket are currently working on several new initiatives. “We have a remote ticket storage unit for the California Lottery, a new curbside menu board for Circle K, a new 2-sided gas station menu board for Washington’s Lottery and a new lighted, curved menu board for IGT Texas,” explained Tigner. “Our new curved menu board will include brighter lighting to make the tickets pop and permanent printed bin numbers, replacing the paper or vinyl stickers used in the past.”
Innovations Take-A-Ticket implemented long before the pandemic has helped the firm deliver performance. “Our large format LogoJet flatbed color printers are getting a lot of attention,” said Tigner. “The LogoJet printer allows us to print full-color logos and images on virtually any material, including plastics. We are printing custom full-color logos and banners for the California, Colorado, and Washington lotteries.”

Ever the optimist, Tigner looks forward to better times. “Our production department is fully staffed, and we are preparing ourselves for a big push when lottery operations resume. In addition to new dispensers and displays, we know there will be a big demand for replacement dispenser drawers and glass tops for in-counter dispensers,” he explained.

Take-A-Ticket offers merchandising solutions designed to grow lottery sales.