Historical North American Lottery Agent Report


La Fleur’s North American Lottery Historical Agent Report is a digital report. It analyzes individual lotteries’ retailer networks over a 10+ year span (FY10-FY23). The different tables track the annual composition and the performance of retailers by type of business (such as supermarkets, convenience stores or gas convenience stores) for U.S and Canadian lotteries. The first set of tables tracks the number of licensed pulltab retailers, terminal (draw game) retailers and total retailers by jurisdiction. The second set of tables tracks each lottery’s ratio of agents to the total population for total and terminal agents. The third set of tables tracks each lottery’s retailer commissions paid for traditional games and video lottery terminals (VLTs) in fiscal 2010-2023 as well as the instant sales commission and terminal sales commission. The fourth set of tables tracks each lottery’s number of sales districts, sales regions, sales offices, sales representatives and use of incentive plans for sales representatives. The final set of tables tracks the number of agents licensed by type of business for both total retailers and terminal retailers as well as instant ticket vending machines (ITVMs) and self-service terminals (SSTs). The sales contribution by each type of agent is analyzed for instant, draw and total sales. Among the business categories tracked are supermarkets, convenience stores, bars and restaurants, drug stores, liquor stores, merchandise stores, service outlets and kiosks. There are industrywide totals for the composition and sales contribution by type of retailer for the United States and Canada. (Note: Data was not available from all lotteries on the breakdown of lottery retailers and lottery sales by retail business class.)

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