Darrell Jones, President, Save-On-Foods, provided insight into the changing expectations of consumers and the role of lottery services in this fast paced competitive environment.
Jones’ main focus was the transition of consumers expectation when it comes to services offered online. Ultimately lottery’s retailers are looking for the most beneficial ways they can help the consumer. For Save-On-Foods, the internet is a large part of that. For grocery stores that means offering easy shopping online without losing the quality of the experience. “When your customer asks for slightly green bananas, you have to be able to deliver,” Jones said. “Products need to better than you could pick yourselves.”
Jones did have some suggestions for the lottery. For instance, he wondered why he couldn’t sell his products online through his website. He also wanted to be able to give prizes away that had direct connection with his business. For instance, people could win free groceries for life. He reminded the audience that, “I think the future retail with lottery is critical on collaboration. We’re looking for win-win-win scenarios, the third win is the customer. People aren’t going to engage in a business proposition that isn’t good for them but if you cooperate, the sky is the limit.”