B.C. Lottery Corp. (BCLC) is testing a holiday gift promotion with its Scratch & Win tickets.

“At select retail locations, we will be offering a free advent calendar with the purchase of $50 worth of Scratch & Win tickets,” reported Gladys Primeau, Senior Brand Manager, Instant Games, BCLC. “This premium calendar is the perfect gift to celebrate the countdown to Christmas!  The gift-giver inserts an exciting holiday ticket into the slot at the top of the page for all 24 days. Once the advent calendar is filled,  the gift of scratch is ready to be given. Each day the gift receiver will pull out a Scratch & Win surprise by lifting the perforated area at the bottom of each side.”

BCLC reports the heaviest volume for its $1 holiday tickets as these products make the perfect stocking stuffers.

“However in terms of sales, typically we see the largest revenue from our $20 Holiday Gift Pack,” said Primeau. “This will be the fifth year we will be selling a Holiday Gift Pack, and sales have increased steadily over the years.”

The Gift Pack is a holiday sampler. “Within the shiny pouch are nine festive and cheery tickets for the holidays. The Holiday Gift Pack features top prizes of $150,000 and excellent odds of 1 in 2. Players can give the entire Pack to someone special, give out the nine tickets separately, or keep the whole thing for themselves,” said Primeau.

BCLC will also run its second-chance contest. Tech the Halls invites players to enter their holiday tickets online to win prizes.