John Myers, Director, West Virginia Lottery kicked off the sports betting segment of the program. He detailed the launch of sports wagering in West Virginia.

West Virginia was the fifth U.S. state to offer legal sports betting and one of the first to allow for online sports betting. The West Virginia Lottery regulates the market, licensing a few private parties to offer sports betting in the state. Each facility that is licensed can operate up to three mobile apps that allow for online sports wagering.

While the rules were being finalized, there were many things happening behind the scenes including mobile development, geolocation for apps, “know your customer” requirements, and testing.

“We were interested in whether the sports book would drive traffic into the casinos or take away from what they were doing. Early reports from the casinos was that they saw an increase in the food and beverage increase and those numbers from the increased traffic,” Myers said.

Download Presentation – West Virginia – Sports Betting Case Study- John Myers, West Virginia Lottery

John Myers, Director, West Virginia Lottery