Andrew Leeper, Creative Coordinator, Texas Lottery, presented “Creating Moments.” There is increased millennial demand for experiential. Live and digital experiences are beginning to merge more. Evolving tech will be integrated but not the star.
“Experiential Marketing is all about creating a one-on-one connection between the brand and consumer,” explained Leeper. “It is a much more active way of engaging players than just running another TV ad. Rather than wait for the consumer to find it, the brand takes itself directly to the consumer with campaigns that resonate on a personal level. But you can’t phone it in. It is a highly competitive space and as more marketers employ this tactic the threshold for attention is raised higher and higher. Activations today must be memorable and emotional to truly inspire loyalty and the experiences must be true to your brand.”
Leeper predicted Experiential marketing “will become a new form of marketing research . . . It will move beyond just WOW stunts to true brand engagement/education.” Texas Lottery examples of experiential marketing include Texas Lottery Live, Courtside with Cuban, Tetris, X-Games and UT/NASCAR.