Dennis Franczak, CEO, FuseIdeas, discussed “Knowing & Marketing to Millennials.” A $200 billion audience, millennials present unique challenges for lotteries. For example, millennials are tough to reach since they only shop for groceries every two week, pay by credit card at pump and purchase coffee at coffee shops.
Millennials are prolific gamers and entertainment seekers. They are highly engaged in interactive entertainment such as TV chats and Buzzfeed quizzes. Their quick gaming fix comes from mobile apps and Facebook games.
“They are hyper-sensitive to marketing, so authenticity is key to getting their attention,” said Franczak. “They are also well aware of the low chances of winning. Due to high debt, high cost of living and low salaries, they are also hyper concerned with money. They also have unique motivations. “They are most likely to pay off debt or buy a house with winnings, lessening the appeal of short-money, quick win games,” ended Franczak.