Jennifer Gove, VP, Group Account Director, Olson, put the spotlight on “Building the Minnesota Lottery Brand.” While the lottery has been an iconic brand in the state for 25 years, Gove said “sales had gradually declined as core players aged and young people showed disinterest. We saw this as an opportunity to do things differently.”
Research showed 91% of player loss came from the 18-44 age group. “Perception was bad. Words like ‘Foolish,’ ‘Reckless,” and ‘Desperate’ routinely came up when you asked what the lottery means to you.” One of seven key barriers to play was “lottery isn’t in my spaces or places.” Olson developed a first-ever brand campaign, “Chance Is a Beautiful Thing.” The brand connected with this younger audience by celebrating the thrill of the play. Gove showed how this brand idea came to life, including product promotion with the lottery’s Make My Day scratch game campaign.