IGT presented “How Big Data Drives Retail.” Adam Perlow, VP, Sales Force Automation Solutions, IGT, showed how big corporations use big data.
“Andrew Pole at Target looked at data to predict when a woman was going to have a baby. He looked backward from birth records to predict it,” said Perlow. “Ozone.RU is the Amazon of Russia. They noticed when the weather was bad people bought hats gloves, scarves and books. So when the weather was predicted to be bad, Ozone.RU launched a promotion. Red Roof used external data from cancelled flights to maximize the effectiveness of their Adwords campaign. They saw a 375% increase in conversion. 7-11 uses weather data to send better experience. It has increased the purchase per visit by $4. CVS uses discounting to pull the customer in. They focus on margin. They focus on the 30% of the clients who drive 80% of the margin. CVS President Helena Fouks says ‘our strategy with the customer is to establish a routine and create a reason for her to visit us weekly.’”
Perlow explained that customer-driven personalization allows CVS to leverage data to produce relevant and personalized communication. Customer level data can be used to model and predict behavior. “CVS’ average weekly spend is up 38% and average redemption rate is up almost 2X,” said Perlow.
For IGT, big data provides “performance intel” for the sales department—lottery sales reps, retailer/store managers, key account specialists, lottery inside sales reps and lottery retail managers. “We want everyone paddling in the same direction. By feeding them all from the same data source using the same KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics, everyone has the same map,” said Perlow.