INTRALOT, Inc. presented “Create Top Seller Retailers through a Retailers Club.” INTRALOT Marketing Director Vasia Bakalis discussed how to reward lottery retailers.
“The retailers are the face of the lottery,” asserted Bakalis. “We need to meet the players’ needs and exceed their expectations. Make your product easier to buy than the competitor or they will buy it from them.”
The lottery’s objectives are to train retailers who exhibit effective customer service skills and selling techniques to increase sales. This should include techniques to identify player needs, successfully handle player objections and use suggestive selling techniques.
Bakalis used an acronym (PRIME) to describe the profile of a Top Seller Retailer: Prepare (know your products), Rapport (building player communication), Identify Needs, Make (sale happen) and End (complete sale).
She said a Retailers Club would be a key way to keep retailers motivated while instilling the importance of retailer training.
“Create a Retailers Club for the clerks using the lottery terminals. Make them feel part of the lottery family,” said Bakalis. “Clerks get points for each ticket they sell. They can cash them at the lottery’s website for gifts.”
“Players expect retailers to be able answer the player’s questions,” she stressed. “Players don’t want to read. They want it to be simple. The retailers should know the player’s preference and suggest a sale.”
“At INTRALOT we asked what would it take to motivate the clerks, not the shop owner,” said Bakalis. “We came up with the Retailers Club. The terminal operator gets the benefit of prizes. We introduced this program in Europe and Latin America. We saw a 10% lift in sales.”