The Powerball panel discussed projections for major jackpot rollups. “The Grand Prize Carry Forward Pool (GPCFP) started July 1, 2016 so it was not part of the big rollup in January. It has activated several times since then. It seeds the $40 million jackpot. The GPCFP allows us to get to $100 million more quickly. That is a trigger point. We can expect a new billion dollar runup about once every 10 years,” said MUSL Executive Director Bret Toyne.
Product positioning for the two national bloc games was examined. “I don’t see why the two jackpot games can’t complement each other. What better situation can you have than two strong brands sold in the same place. Maybe we can package the two brands,” said Maine Lottery Executive Director Gregg Mineo.
And the impact of the prior year’s $1.6 billion jackpot on fiscal 2017 sales was also pondered. “We say that everybody expects a shortfall in sales—everybody that is except for your legislative oversight and Governor. No matter how many times you tell them all that they will see less money; they will see it is as the lottery failing. It has an impact on advertising,” warned Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief.