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Hugo Fournier, Director, Lead Strategist of Cossette, focused on “Connections: The Art of Creating Unexpected Connections to Build Memorable Experiences.”
“While studying what benefits people are seeking when looking for entertainment, we discovered levers to create unexpected experiences beyond the actual lottery proposition,” said Fournier.
The three levers to get games of chance to fit within entertainment are 1) fun, 2) discovery and 3) socialization.
Fournier then cited examples utilizing these levers including bull roulette, fishing trip, bingo box and animo. He ended with five learnings:
1) When it comes to research, get outside the “games of chance” zone.
2) Dare to mix things that don’t necessarily go together at first sight.
3) Decide what entertainment means and commit to it (otherwise it gets quickly overwhelming).
4) Think of stealing shares of entertainment (go beyond financial KPIs)
5) Have fun doing it.