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Sheila Morin, Senior Director, Brand & Strategy of Cirque du Soleil, kicked off the program with a “sizzle video” showcasing  examples of its live entertainment.

“To slow down time, we need moments,” explained Morin. Memory bumps are provided by emotionally-charged events.

“Humans are constantly looking for ‘memorable moments’ which will make them feel emotions, feel alive and happy,” stated Morin. “82% say that ‘without entertainment in my life I wouldn’t be me’ and an impressive 93% see entertainment as essential to health and happiness. At Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, we Invoke the imagination, Provoke the senses and Evoke the emotions.”

Cirque de Soleil defines themselves as rule breakers and moment makers. “Why we exist? Because life needs folly. How we do it? Create a more audacious reality. What do we create? Entertainment that defies conformity,” explained Morin.