Hans Erland Ringsvold, Head of iGaming/Instaspill at Norsk Tipping, discussed igaming’s evolution in Norway.
“Our assignment is three-fold (be attractive, responsible, and support good causes) and whenever we come to a crossover, responsible gaming comes first,” said Ringsvold.
Norsk Tipping focuses on responsibility as their core value and has implemented a 100% verification system for registering players. You can only buy physical scratch cards without identification.
The company faces fierce competition from offshore companies that illegally advertise in Norway—85% of TV ads for gaming come from offshore companies. “To ensure the desired position and reputation as a national operator, Norsk Tipping simply cannot offer the exact same game package as our competing, non-licensed online gaming operators,” Ringsvold stated. Instead, to compete responsibly, they focus on socialization, localization, and trust to convert, channel, and recruit players.
Norsk Tipping offers a diverse portfolio of web and mobile games including KongKasino, Bingoria, and FLAX. Kollektnet is another game with Norwegian pop culture incorporated that has enjoyed great success. They incorporate safety limits on all of their apps to promote responsible gaming in accordance with their values.
Of their strategy going forward Ringsvold said, “We need access to the best game content, we need the top 25 game providers or game titles in our portfolio. We need to be much more agile, do much more testing, fail fast, fail quick, fail often.”