Paul Andrew, CEO of Lotterywest, shared the changes the company has undergone in the 16 months since he took over as CEO.
Lotterywest is looking to gain an increasing online presence. Retail transactions still make up 93% of the company’s sales. In order to initiate these changes, Andrew said he looked at the skill sets of the organization.
“We undertook a functional review and the functional review centered around customer service,” he said. “Customer service being our players, being our retailers, being any other stakeholder in the organization. We needed to be more customer focused in regards to understanding what their requirements are and meeting those requirements.”
Lotterywest is well aware of its faults and where it needs to improve. Andrew said the lottery is focusing on a simple and engaging customer experience that improves business performance in every Lotterywest store. They are also working with retailers to create goal sales, improve retail image, retail technology, and improved player registration service with omni-channel.
When asked about the difficulties of moving forward and evolving as a lottery, Andrew stated, “Changing culture takes time. People need to have a clear direction and an understanding of where we’re going, people need to make decisions . . . If we make mistakes that’s fine, we just got to catch them, that’s how we learn.”