The Lottery World in Brief (Jan/Feb 2023)


Livin’ Large with Luke Combs

The Virginia Lottery will launch its $5 Livin’ Lucky with Luke Combs scratcher in February. The $5 scratcher features a 68.55% payout. The online instant game will be offered from $0.50 to $30 per play with a 87% payout.

“The omnichannel launch of Livin’ Lucky with Luke Combs will receive robust advertising and marketing support,” said John Miutz, Advertising & Retail Communication Manager, Virginia Lottery. “Advertising will include TV, Radio, digital billboards, digital advertising on a number of platforms, point of sale, vending equipment, paid and organic social media, paid social influencers and radio promotions to give away tickets. Players will also see Luke Combs stand-ups at retail locations.”

Florida Lottery Unveils TRIPLE MATCH Holiday Games

The Florida Lottery will offer a TRIPLE MATCH holiday family of games at the $1, $2, $5 and $10 price points in FY24. Tickets go on sale on October 30.

In addition, the lottery launched a limited-time holiday pulse of the $20 – $5,000,000 TRIPLE MATCH on September 18, 2023.

“The Bonus Play promotion is another appealing feature that drives purchases, adds play value and provides opportunity to instantly win gift cards and coupons, as well as entry into drawings to win cash prizes. Players can enter eligible TRIPLE MATCH Scratch-Off tickets and JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY® Draw game tickets into the $5,000,000 Holiday Bonus Play for extra chances to win! Each ticket entered will earn one or more entries into a drawing for cash prizes up to $20,000! Plus, just for entering, players will be awarded more than $4,000,000 in instant-win Spending Spree e-gift cards and over 50,000 Lottery coupons,” said Diane Recoy, Senior Product Manager, Florida Lottery.

Print ‘n Play

Virginia Lottery will be revamping its instant-style terminal games, called Print ‘n Play. “In March 2023, we are starting to deploy new Print ‘n Play games each month beginning with $10 Max Cash Multiplier on March 21,” said Strategic Games Manager Scott Kenyon.

$50 Variations

The Texas Lottery will launch two $50 scratchers in the first quarter 2023. In January, the lottery launched $5,000,000 Ultimate, which features a $5 million top prize. On March 6, the lottery begins sales for 500X Loteria Spectacular. Both tickets offer a 78% prize payout.

The Arizona Lottery will roll out a new $50 game, Set For Life, which will be launched in February 2023. “It offers a top prize of $250,000 a year for 20 years. It will have a full ad campaign and promotion supporting it,” said Shelby Alessi, Marketing Manager, Arizona Lottery.

The Idaho Lottery just introduced a $50 game in January. “Max-a-Million has a prize payout of 77.78% and two top prizes of $1,000,000,” said Sherie Moody-St. Clair, Deputy Director, Marketing, Idaho Lottery.

All In The Family

The New Hampshire Lottery is offering a trio of scratchers featuring low top prices for its “sporadically released” FOG. Instead of launching all three tickets at once, the lottery pulsed the three tickets’ launch over a period of six months.

The lottery released its third FOG ticket around the holidays. The first in the series, $50 or $100, is a $10 ticket launched in June 2022. The second FOG ticket, called $100 or $200, is a $20 ticket. It went on sale in September 2022. The newest ticket, $100, $250 or $500, is a $25 ticket launched in November.

“The creative to support the new $25 ticket, personifies the scratch tickets as they talk about the new game arriving in the ticket dispensers. Upon arrival and sale, the new game is able to call out the prizes to be won,” said Kelley-Jaye Cleland, Chief Product & Program Officer, New Hampshire Lottery.

Ticket to Adventure

Washington’s Lottery will launch a Ticket to Adventure” promotion on February 12. The top prize is a 2023 Winnebago. The second chance drawing is tied to Lotto.

“Based on the overall appeal through our Player Panel, this promotion came as one of the top ideas,” said Randy Warick, Assistant Marketing Director, Washington’s Lottery.

Dream Ranger

The Illinois Lottery will continue to support its MUSL and in-state draw games with its Dream Ranger campaign.
“The Dream Ranger’s purpose is to make sure Illinoisans have the very best tool for a daydream. He’s looking for the thing that could make any daydream a reality: An Illinois Lottery Ticket. He’s an incredibly positive guy who loves his job,” said Meghan Powers, Communications Director, Illinois Lottery.

The Dream Ranger appears in TV, OLV and social videos. He is also included in static executions.

Wild Ads

The New Hampshire Lottery created a “wild” bloc lotto campaign for lotto jackpot alerts.

“At the beginning of fiscal 2023, we launched a new Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpot Alert Campaign called ‘That’s Wild!’ spoofing a bit on wildlife here in New Hampshire featuring the local wildlife of bear, deer, eagle, and largemouth bass to promote big jackpots,” said Maura McCann, Director of Marketing, New Hampshire Lottery.

In the creative, the wildlife got the attention of the human in the spot, telling them about the big jackpot. “Wildly (pun intended) successful and entertaining yet we realized—we did not go BIG enough,” explained McCann. “The creative easily supports the jackpots of $300 million to $800 million yet didn’t really support the near or beyond billion jackpots. Talk about WILD – realizing we needed to go bigger! So, we’ve gone back to address the largeness of the jackpots by going ‘more wild’ to support those huge jackpots!”

$30 Crossword

The California Lottery is expanding its popular Crossword lineup. The new $30 (Crossword Xtreme) ticket will offer a significant extended play experience. It launches in March 2023.

“Crossword-themed instants continue to be tremendously popular in California, representing some of our best-selling games. Player research highlighted an opportunity to expand our crossword portfolio, and in 2023, the California Lottery will be adding two new price points for crosswords with our first-ever $1 and $30 price points,” said Whitney Alderson, Assistant Deputy Director of Marketing, California Lottery.

Florida Scratch

The Florida Lottery kicked off 2023 with the GOLD RUSH DOUBLER family of games. It features four price points: $1, $2, $5 and $10. Since the Gold Rush theme has been a staple in the product mix, the lottery positions the launch just in time for its peak selling season.

“February 27 marks the debut of Florida’s first Sparkle® Select ticket (produced by SG), the $50 game, $1,000,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE SPECTACULAR,” said Diane Wieczorek, Senior Product Manager, Florida Lottery. “Also launching this month at the $5 price point is the SG licensed property game THE PRICE IS RIGHT™ with the linked promotion ‘Come on Down Challenge’, in which 20 Florida players will compete in Las Vegas, with players from participating lotteries, for the chance to win up to $50 million!”

Daily Draw Fun

The North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL) is running a series of promotions in 2023 for its daily draw games. “We wanted to take steps to keep these popular games fresh and fun and reward some of most loyal players who enjoy playing them,” said Randy Spielman, Deputy Executive Director, Product Development & Digital Gaming, NCEL.

In January, Cash 5 players got a new promotion, Cash 5 Bonus Cash. In February, the lottery will begin selling Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets through its Online Play program. In March, the lottery will create more fun for its Pick 3 and Pick 4 players with an “Instant Cash” promotion. “This promotion demonstrates a broader strategy for our numbers games that includes two major promotions each year aimed at rewarding some of our most loyal players,” said Spielman.