$50 Tickets Takeover Industry in Early 2022


Florida Lottery Offers First $50 Scratcher As Part of X THE CASH Family of Games

The Florida Lottery will launch its $50 scratcher on February 28. The ticket is called 500X THE CASH.

The $50 ticket is expected to electrify sales. “We expect the $50 to bring in around $27 million per week through the first six weeks,” said Justin Rock, Secretary of Product & Sales at Florida Lottery.

Winter FOG launches are critical to sustaining strong scratcher sales after the holidays. The $50 ticket’s launch is timed to the peak selling season. “In Florida, we traditionally see a dip in sales right after the holidays are over. This pattern seems to indicate a contraction in discretionary spending right after a period where consumers are, what I like to call, ‘buy fatigued.’ Around the end of January, and peaking the second week in March, we get an influx of tourists that help boost our sales. We strategically plan our strongest game family each year to coincide with this pattern to take advantage of the increase in participation.

The lottery’s $50 ticket is included in the X THE CASH family of games (FOG), which launched on January 17. The $50 ticket is part of a follow-up tie-in.

According to Rock, the $50 ticket “features the largest top prize we’ve ever offered on a Scratch-Off at $25,000,000. There will be no break-even prizes in the game, so players will never, ‘just win their money back.’ Prizes will start at $100 and the game will carry overall odds of 1:5. 500X THE CASH offers an exceptional chance to win $500 and also boasts the best odds we’ve ever offered to win $1,000,000 on an instant ticket.”

The FOG is supported by a major advertising program. “The X THE CASH games will receive the ‘full treatment’ of a well-rounded advertising campaign supporting them. As a spotlight launch, coinciding with our peak sales season of the fiscal year, we’ll invest significant marketing dollars into this family for maximum reach,” said Rock.

Arizona Lottery Launches $50 Scratcher

The Arizona Lottery kicked off 2022 with its biggest and most exciting Scratchers® game ever. The new $50 “500X” Scratchers gives players the chance to win up to $5 million with the scratch of a single ticket, and it offers the largest retail commission of any instant ticket in the Arizona Lottery’s lineup.

“Our market research consistently shows that players are looking for even bigger and better games,” said Gregory R. Edgar, Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery. “This new $50 ticket brings the added excitement of playing games that offer the biggest prizes.”

With overall odds of winning of 2.51 to 1 and a minimum prize of $50, this game is sure to prove popular with players. Each “500X” ticket is also eligible for 50 entries into the Arizona Lottery’s Players Club Million Dollar Giveaway for a chance to win up to $1 million from March 1 through April 30.

Scratchers® is a registered service mark of the California Lottery.

Pennsylvania Lottery Launches First $50 Scratch: $5 Million Money Maker

The Pennsylvania Lottery added the $50 price point to its scratch portfolio and it is a real “money maker.”

“Pennsylvania Lottery games that went on sale December 28, 2021 featured our first-ever $50 Scratch-Off called, $5 Million Money Maker,” said Kara Sparks, Director of Products, Pennsylvania Lottery. “This ticket awards top prizes of $5 million to lucky winners and launched just in time for the Lottery’s 50th anniversary, which will be celebrated March 7, 2022.”

Launch week sales were strong. “$5 Million Money Maker has already delivered a one-week sales record for an individual Scratch-Off game and contributed nearly 20% of Scratch-Off sales during that record week,” said Sparks.

In addition to offering five top prizes of $5 million, the $50 ticket features a star bonus where a player can win $1,000 instantly if he uncovers a $1,000 burst. Reveal a 20X or a 50X symbol, multiply any prize won in the main play area.

More higher price point scratch tickets will launch in the spring. “In addition to the $50 ticket called $5 Million Money Maker, in March we plan to launch the $30 My Three Million Scratch-Off. We’re also offering another licensed property coming up in April, the $20 ticket $1 Million Price is Right®,” said Sparks.

Missouri Lottery Launches $50 Millionaire Blowout Scratcher

Missouri Lottery launched its first-ever $50 ticket, called “Millionaire Blowout,” on January 31, 2022. Printed by Scientific Games, it features an 80% prize payout.

“Our estimated weekly sales and weekly PC sales for this $50 game is $2,614,059 (26-week weekly average), 0.43 per capita,” said Bill Burton, Scratchers Product Manager, Missouri Lottery.

Advertising will include digital and retail campaigns. “We have a digital only advertising campaign planned using Streaming TV (Hulu, Roku, YouTube) with 30-, 15- and 6-second spots, Streaming Audio (Pandora, Spotify) with a 30-second spot and paid Facebook advertising,” said Rhonda Fehr, Advertising Manager, Missouri Lottery. “We will provide retail/POS presence for both the game and the monthly drawings.”

The lottery will be including the new $50 ticket in its monthly Scratchers drawings. “Formerly, the drawings included only the $30 games, and now with the inclusion of the $50 game, we are branding the drawings as the ‘Scratch Big, Win Big’ monthly drawings. Players receive one entry for every $10 worth of $30 and $50 games in a monthly drawing for 10 winners of $500 cash,” said Tyler Luetkemeyer, Promotions Manager, Missouri Lottery.

Marty Zuniga, Community Relations Manager, Missouri Lottery added that “we will feature ‘Millionaire Blowout’ and the ‘Scratch Big, Win Big’ monthly drawings in our sponsorships with Black History Month in February.”

There is a special social media promotion. “We’re excited to offer an interactive puzzle contest on social media, using the game art, awarding 20 winners with a free ticket,” said Wendy Baker, Communications Manager, Missouri Lottery.

Finally, the higher price point ticket will be featured in the players’ club. “We will highlight the new $50 by having players enter it into the Players Club to earn Rewards. As the game progresses, we will pair with another high price point for a different reward,” said Kristin Vuilcott, Draw Games Product Manager, Missouri Lottery.



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