5 Family Game Releases in Early FYQ3


Power X FOG

The Texas Lottery launched its POWER X family on January 3. There are five price points, including a $3 POWER 30X Crossword. This complements the lottery’s core $3 Crossword game.

This strategy allows us to get two $3 crossword style games displayed at retail and expand the visibility and sales for this game style,” said Robert Tirloni, Products Manager, Texas Lottery. The $3 crossword game that launched as part of the January 2021 family was very successful indexing at 170 so we like the results we are seeing from this approach.”

Tirloni added that last year’s $20 multiplier family game was ranked 12th and the $10 game was ranked 15th in scratch ticket sales. “The January multiplier family is extremely important to our sales success and helps us achieve our goals. This will be even more important this fiscal year as we are competing with a record-breaking sales from FY 21,” he said.

X The Cash Family

The Florida Lottery is kicking 2022 off with the X THE CASH Family at $1, $2, $5 and $10 price points. “The multiplier themed games are top performers in our portfolio, so we like to position them to launch just in time for our peak selling season,” said Justin Rock, Deputy Secretary, Product & Sales, Florida Lottery. “The big reveal will come in February, as the X THE CASH family will tie in to our first $50 product.”

For the first six weeks of the $1-10 games, Rock would love to average around $7 million per week.

“Given recent sales trends, it’s more likely that we’ll see around $6.5 million-$6.85 million per week. We expect the $50 to bring in around $27 million per week through the first six,” he added.

500X The Cash launches on February 28. It features a “life changing top prize” of $25 million. This is the largest top prize ever offered on a Scratch-Off game in Florida. “Given the success we’ve had at our higher price points the last several years, a $50 game has great potential in Florida,” added Rock.

777s FOG

Virginia Lottery launched its 777s FOG on January 4. There are four price points ($1, $2, $5, and $10).

The tickets feature “added chances to win through the use of bonuses ($2, $5, & $10) to provide a more robust player experience and encourage trial higher price points,” said Ryan Walters, Scratch Game Manager, Virginia Lottery.

The winter FOG launch is crucial to sales. “We have a price point for each holiday game to replace the gap from our holiday games,” said Walters.

LuckyX FOG

Michigan Lottery combined two popular themes—luck and multiplier—to create its new LuckyX FOG.

“We pivot quickly from one overarching merchandising strategy (holiday) to our FOG lineup ensuring we encourage sustained engagement with players and retailers alike with the new product immediately following the holiday season,” said Travis Priest, Printed Products Manager, Michigan Lottery.

The lottery’s sales forecast estimates that this FOG will perform in the top five FOGs launched by the Lottery. There have been 15 distinct FOGs launched since 2012.

All five tickets are eligible for the Let’s Play Giveaway online promotion. Registered players who have downloaded the Michigan Lottery app can scan LuckyX tickets to earn entries into drawings for a chance for one $5,000 prize. In addition, 50 players will win $100 in online bonus credit play deposited to their registered Lottery account.

Luck “Faux Family”

New Hampshire Lottery will market two “faux family of games” (FFOG) in fiscal 2022. The Luck family launches on January 31.

They don’t all have a similar look or feel, but are united by theme,” explained Kelley-Jaye Cleland, Chief Product & Program Officer, New Hampshire Lottery.

The Luck FOG includes $1 Lucky Gems, $2 O’Lucky Coin, $3 Lucky Stars and $5 Lucky 7.

The FFOG is really an attempt to focus efforts and allow for players to find the same theme of game at each price point, we will not be doing anything out of the ordinary for support of these games,” added Cleland.

Winter FOGs are critical to sustaining strong scratcher sales after the holidays are over. “This past year we launched a silver and gold mini theme the beginning of December. This provided our players with a holiday-esque family of games that were complementary to our Frenzy holiday games. The great thing about it is, the theme is evergreen, so we don’t anticipate returns. I believe we will continue with this approach for 2022’s holiday season,” added Cleland.

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