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13 02, 2019

OLG’s The Bigger Spin


OLG’s launch of The Big Spin in September 2017 revolutionized the North American lottery market. Building off of a key player insight—that excitement builds with the anticipation of finding out how much you’ve won—OLG created a product that triggered this sensation. “The Big Spin has been a huge success for OLG,” declared Carleen Cameron, Director, [...]

OLG’s The Bigger Spin2019-02-13T13:26:59-06:00
13 02, 2019

CASA Contribution


For its Holiday Scratchers campaign, the Arizona Lottery created a unique QVC-styled commercial spot, produced an almost three-hour livestream and hosted an improv comedy show. The result? Explosive sales, and a $25,000 charitable donation to Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), a Lottery beneficiary that gives a voice to kids in foster care. The Arizona Lottery [...]

CASA Contribution2019-02-13T13:36:19-06:00
13 02, 2019

DC Sports Betting Update


Update: On February 5, the D.C. Council voted 7 to 6 to approve a bill to award a sole-source contract to INTRALOT to run the new sports lottery program. INTRALOT is the DC Lottery's systems vendor. The second vote is scheduled for February 19. If it passes, it will go to the Mayor for approval and then [...]

DC Sports Betting Update2019-02-13T15:00:56-06:00
13 02, 2019

Debit Cards


On November 1, Oklahoma Lottery retailers could begin accepting debit card payments. “A large percentage of the population uses debit as their preferred form of payment and a ‘cash only” system limited their ability to purchase our products,” explained Brandie Reisman, Director, Marketing & Administration, Oklahoma Lottery. “Not only that, but existing players were having [...]

Debit Cards2019-02-13T13:32:42-06:00
13 02, 2019

New Mexico Lottery Pressured by Legislature on Sports Betting and Other Lottery Expansion Projects


The New Mexico Lottery has plans to create a sports betting game. The game will be parlay-like wager with possible outcomes of at least three sporting events. Its board voted unanimously to approve it. However, Rep. Matthew McQueen, Jason C. Harper and Rod Montoya are trying to prevent this game from being implemented. “This is [...]

New Mexico Lottery Pressured by Legislature on Sports Betting and Other Lottery Expansion Projects2019-02-13T10:21:26-06:00
13 02, 2019

North Carolina Lottery Headquarters Closed Do to Hazmat Situation


The Raleigh North Carolina Lottery Headquarters were closed on Monday night due to “a hazmat situation". Suspicious drums filled with an unknown substances were leaking gas in the area. The fire department and other first responders were on the scene in a matter of minutes. Officials have not said whether the chemicals posed any significant threat. [...]

North Carolina Lottery Headquarters Closed Do to Hazmat Situation2019-02-13T10:18:16-06:00
12 02, 2019

New Hampshire “Keno-Garten” Funds May Be Reallocated


Profits from New Hampshire Lottery's Keno game may be reallocated. Currently Keno funds kindergarten. Halfway through fiscal 2019, the game's profits that will be transferred to New Hampshire Kindergartens is at $2.3 million. It will need to be at $11 million by June 30 when the fiscal year ends. Part of the reason is that [...]

New Hampshire “Keno-Garten” Funds May Be Reallocated2019-02-12T11:38:56-06:00
8 02, 2019

Missouri Lottery Fighting Against Ad Budget Cut


Missouri Lottery is fighting a $11 million ad budget cut listed in Gov. Mike Parson's proposed state budget. That would constitute a 68% cut.  The lottery is stating that such a cut could hurt their ticket sales, citing a potential $35 million could be lost in profits to good cause. The agency’s advertising budget represented [...]

Missouri Lottery Fighting Against Ad Budget Cut2019-02-11T07:27:05-06:00
7 02, 2019

Arkansas bill allows lottery winners to be anonymous


An Arkansas bill, filed by Rep. Jim Sorvillo, proposes that winners of the state lottery keep their identities secret.  The bill would exempt any records identifying lottery winners from the state's Freedom of Information Act. Currently, winners can be discovered through public records requests. The bill would continue to allow the Internal Revenue Service and state auditors [...]

Arkansas bill allows lottery winners to be anonymous2019-02-08T07:38:54-06:00
7 02, 2019

Tennessee Lottery to Fund Vocational & Tech Training in High Schools


Bill Lee is the new Governor of Tennessee. He was successful as he ran on a platform to increase Vocational and Tech education in high schools.  These programs would enlist the aid of companies to offer internships and on the job training as well as include dual credit courses taught at the local colleges.  This [...]

Tennessee Lottery to Fund Vocational & Tech Training in High Schools2019-02-06T20:19:18-06:00