9 12, 2020

In-Screen Store Advertising


Marshall McLuhan popularized the saying that “the medium is the message.” Whether you call it “in-store” or “in-retail,” retail advertising is big … even during a pandemic. “Retail advertising opportunities have continued to grow, and we believe there will be continued momentum in this space,” said Alison Baker, Retail Experience Manager, Hoosier Lottery. “Several brands [...]

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12 10, 2020

Crises Precipitate Change


The business environment is in dire straits due to the pandemic. People, from rural towns to sprawling metropolises, have been forced into new habits, which in turn has crushed some corporations. Yet, lotteries across North America have changed their strategies to stay relevant with their players. From online happy hours to extensive technological upgrades, lottery [...]

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10 08, 2020

Instant Fever Pitch


Scratcher ticket sales rose to a fever pitch in multiple U.S. jurisdictions starting in mid-April as the COVID-19 storm battered businesses and kept people huddling indoors. When consumers began warily stepping outside their doors, there were few alternatives. Lack of competition for entertainment options fueled scratcher sales. For example, in Colorado, lottery sales dropped to [...]

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8 06, 2020

The Pandemic’s Effect on iLottery


By Terri Markle The last nine weeks since the United States and Canada went quiet and the streets stayed empty—as a result of “stay-at-home” state and provincial executive orders executed continentwide—has been eerie. In mid-March, residents stopped driving to work, eating in restaurants, attending sporting events and gathering in groups. For the $91 billion U.S. [...]

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18 02, 2020

The Invasion


Please note: This article was written in mid January and updated in late January.  State lotteries are grappling with the rapid spread of unregulated skill gaming machines. These machines are found in convenience stores, bars, restaurants and taverns across the country. While these machines have existed for some time, their manufacturers and operators have become [...]

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18 11, 2019

Death of a Draw Game


For the past decade, the lotto category has been dominated by the two multi-jurisdiction games, Powerball and Mega Millions—and, to a lesser extent, the For Life annuity lottos, Cash4Life and Lucky for Life. In 2019, in-state lotto made up only 4.5% of the total U.S. sales, down from 4.7% in 2018. As this trend continues, [...]

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6 09, 2019

Marketing to a Community


Lotteries are eager to reach younger audiences. Studies have shown that the average age for draw players is 55 and 45 for scratch players. So lotteries are using experimental marketing techniques to attract those elusive millennial players. Modern marketing starts with psychographic segmentation studies. Psychographic segmentation is a method used to group customers by [...]

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10 08, 2019

The Perfect Bundle: How a lottery found a way to start selling in Costco


As lotteries across America search for new ways to grow, big box retailers are a challenging and almost uncharted territory, with their enormous traffic flow and high per-store sales. Costco has been, until now, one of those largely untapped retail opportunities. In 2018, the Arizona Lottery defied the odds by bringing a strong value proposition [...]

The Perfect Bundle: How a lottery found a way to start selling in Costco2019-08-05T10:46:11-04:00
3 06, 2019

Are the Google and Apple Mobile Platforms Problematic for iLottery?


By Byron La Fleur Interested in this article? The iLottery eConference, a 3 hour webinar event, is next week on Friday, June 14th. Registration is free for lotteries. Topics will cover: starting an iLottery platform; iLottery's affect on retail; player psychology; innovation; and more! UPDATE: There has been a major development in Apple's policy [...]

Are the Google and Apple Mobile Platforms Problematic for iLottery?2019-06-05T17:41:26-04:00
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