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International lotteries embraced a cashless future in 1996 when Veikkaus Oy launched its self-service OnNet system in Finland. This was followed by quick succession with online launches in Iceland, Austria, Germany, Denmark and the U.K. “The lotteries and sports betting sector is strongly integrated into two types of networks—retail and digital,” explained Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, CEO, Loterie Romande. “As far as digital is concerned, cashless payment methods are already very developed [...]

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4Q18 and Calendar Sales

Debit Cards

On November 1, Oklahoma Lottery retailers could begin accepting debit card payments. “A large percentage of the population uses debit as their preferred form of payment and a ‘cash only” system limited their ability to [...]

Calendrier de l’avent

Loto-Québec anticipates its new spin on an Advent Calendar will be a hit again in 2018. The original Calendrier de l’avent was launched in 2017 as an oversized ticket. It was a “first timer.” “We [...]

24 Days To Celebrate

The holiday calendar ticket featuring a pop-open features for all 24 play areas returns for OLG players in 2018. The $20 ticket is the most expensive price point sold for the holidays. “Last year our [...]

Holiday Lineup

B.C. Lottery Corp. (BCLC) will market 10 holiday-themed tickets in 2018. While all are expected to be hits, “the higher price point tickets have become more popular over the past few years,” said Shirley Park, [...]